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The Advantages of Video Marketing in Healthcare

Seeing is believing and this is very much true in the healthcare industry. Patients like to have a first-hand view of the hospital infrastructure, diagnostic and treatment facilities, latest equipment available etc. This gives them satisfaction and faith in the hospital's professional competence. The best way for hospitals to gain this credibility is to opt for video marketing.
Video marketing plays a prominent role in a hospital's branding and marketing. Let us look at some video marketing benefits in healthcare digital marketing.

Why is video marketing so powerful in hospital branding and marketing?

  • 80% of online visitors watch videos while only 20% read written content. (Digital Sherpa)
  • 87% of the patients use an online search engine for healthcare information and Google, the most popular search engine ranks video 53x more than text. (TechSN)
  • 52% of marketers consider video to be the best content type with maximum ROI (eMarketer)
  • Post-2018, 80% of internet traffic will be video (Brainshark)
All the above statistics prove that video marketing is a potent tool in hospital branding and marketing.

Video marketing benefits in healthcare digital marketing

Hospitals must harness the power of video marketing by using it in their healthcare digital marketing with the guidance of an expert hospital consulting firm.  Video marketing has a powerful impact on hospital branding and marketing with the following benefits
    1. Increases awareness  and customer engagement of hospital brand
With neck-to-neck competition in healthcare and hospitals cropping up around every corner, patients are often at a loss while choosing the right hospital.
A short video on YouTube or as a Google Ad can open the doors of the hospital to many patients.  Patients can gain awareness of the location, facilities and competence of the hospital on seeing this video.
Welcome Videos can showcase the values provided by your hospital to prospective patients by showing the clean hospital wards, pleasing manners of the hospital staff, courteous care of the nurses, professional expertise of the physicians and latest technological equipment used to engage the patients' attention and gain their trust. Such videos can be posted on the hospital website or uploaded on YouTube channels or marketed as video ads.
    2. Enhances credibility and reputation of your hospital
Almost every hospital claims to be a leader in its field. The professional expertise of physicians at a hospital is better vouched for when the hospital uploads short content videos of physicians elaborating on complicated health procedures offered by them. The videos can also have Q&A sessions where the common doubts are clarified. Such rich informational content enhances the professional stature of hospitals.
Patients wish to entrust their healthcare needs only to a hospital they can trust.  Gain this trust of patients by uploading testimonial videos of patients narrating their actual experience at the hospital.  Such customer review videos have a huge impact on boosting the credibility and reputation of the hospital.
    3. Shareability increases conversions
Healthcare marketing relies more on word-of-mouth recommendations and official endorsement. The main advantage of videos is that they are easily shareable and can be passed on by friends to their relatives. Such shared videos are proof of endorsement from regular patients to prospective ones and hence increase the chances of their conversion.

    4. Improves search rankings of the hospital website
Featuring on top of the SERP (search engine result pages) is vital for a hospital to gain new customers and improve branding. Video marketing increases the ranking of a hospital's website on a search engine.
Videos offer an engaging experience to online visitors to a hospital's website as these visitors tend to stay longer on the website while perusing the video, than while reading an email. Video marketing lifts a hospital to page 1 of the SERP and increases its visibility, awareness and reach.

    5. Build an audience
It is very important for every hospital to have a set of its own loyal patients and for every hospital website, to have its own online audience. Building an audience or online community of viewers is possible for a hospital only with video marketing.
Explainer videos on procedures or health conditions increase the outreach of a hospital and build a loyal audience.
Every hospital must learn to wield the weapon of video marketing astutely with the help of a hospital consulting firm to improve their branding and reputation.

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