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Why External Communication is Pivotal for Hospital’s Functionality

A Hospital is the "Mecca of Medicine"- a veritable sacred ground where battles are fought every day against disease. Every day, doctors, surgeons, nurses, radiologists and a host of other hospital staff render yeomen service in saving hundreds of lives. Yet sometimes it's ironic how some hospitals are not able to gain the due recognition for their contributions to the world of healthcare. Why so? This is because of the flaws in their external communication which can be corrected only by an able healthcare consulting firm.
External Communication is the "image that the hospital portrays to the world".  It is the message that people derive from print, social and digital media about the hospital. A hospital's reputation, stature, social and business standing and professional competence - all depends on its external communication. This is why external communication is pivotal for the hospital’s functionality.

Why is external communication vital for hospitals?
Effective communication in healthcare is achieved only when the right messages are conveyed across all channels, both within the hospital and to the outside world. Of this external communication is most crucial because
  1. The hospital's brand reputation relies on its external communication.
  2. It nurtures trust in the minds of the people, patients and the media.
  3. Even government and policy-makers rely on the hospital's external communication.
  4. It reinforces the stakeholders' trust in the hospital.
  5. It silences unwanted rumours or false propaganda against the hospital.
  6. It handles the Public Relations and furnishes the right information to the media
  7. It manages the online reputation of the hospital by responding to negative feedback and taking immediate remedial measures.
  8. It acts as the "Voice of the hospital" in the outside world.
How to implement effective external communication in Hospitals?
1. Define Communication Strategy
Outline a clear Communications strategy with definite goals, audiences and timelines. Communications Strategy is a must for any hospital. It can be created in-house or with the help of a Healthcare Marketing Agency. The Communications Strategy must synchronize with your brand values and mission statement

2. Proactive or Reactive?
External communication involves media campaigns about the hospital in print, electronic and social media like print and TV ads, Facebook ads, Instagram or Twitter posts, promotional campaign mailers and leaflets, newspaper article and blogs. Decide whether your external communication is going to be proactive and talk about the hospital's values or be reactive and just reply to comments and feedback in the media?  A right mix of both proactive and reactive responses makes your communication effective.

3. Integrate internal and external communication
For effective communication, integrate your hospital's internal and external communication seamlessly. The same message must be conveyed throughout both inside and outside the hospital. Use your hospital's communication department to achieve this by keeping them well-informed about the campaigns, PR events and all necessary details to handle media inquiries.

4. Convey a strong, positive and unique image
Your hospital is doing a wonderful work. So, why not talk about it strong and positive? Highlight the uniqueness of your hospital- Is it the strong competence of the medical professionals, the genuine patient care, cost optimization or the latest equipment or healthcare information systems?  Create a bold brand image and stick to it.

5. Use real-life examples
With concurrence from the patients, try to cite real-life successful examples using EMRs from your Hospital Information Management systems. This renders an authentic touch to your external communication.

External Communication is the lifeline of your hospital's success. Craft your external communication cleverly with the help of an expert healthcare consulting firm and achieve a new milestone of success.

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