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Patient Acquisition - 5 Steps to Attain It for Your Hospital

Patient acquisition and retention are the motives behind every marketing activity of a healthcare practice. A healthy practice of a doctor sees at least 30-50 new patients per week. The patient acquisition is a complex task that involves superior care and quality medical care followed by precise marketing strategies that are in line with the patient's interests.

The practice should offer competitive healthcare solutions that bear the reasonable pricing. Patient retention demands consistent medical quality and the patient acquisition needs the efforts that project the success of a practice in a comprehensive manner to the public. And, the marketing department plays a pivotal role in this region. 

Understanding the patient needs from a better perception, exerting to meet their expectations, building a strong relationship with the patients that expands beyond the hospital walls, make your patients feel that their concerns are being heard are a few tactics that hospitals follow.

Rather than calling them tactics, most of the points in the patient acquisition list come under the ethical practice of a healthcare practice. Continue reading the blog to know to have a deeper look into various dimensions of patient acquisition in a healthcare atmosphere.

1. Priority to the Patient Needs
  • Patients and their caretakers visit a hospital with an ailment that is already causing them distress. The hospital should understand this and act in an addressing manner.
  • Always analyze your performance not only as a healthcare provider but as a capable provider who could understand the patient needs.  
  • Every staff member in the practice should share the responsibility of the patient, not just the doctors and the nurses.
  • Being empathetic, using the assuring words without hiding the facts and striving to fulfill patient's needs always leave a good impression on the hospital.

2. Work On Your Network
  • Building your own network and database is key to get new referrals, every day. Work on your network and increase the number of practices that refer your hospital.
  • By bettering your connections with the PHPs will increase your patient in-flow. Build the relationships that are mutually beneficial.
  • By provide enhanced care to the patients referred by the PHPs, you can secure a long-lasting relationship.
3. Strong Presence in the Market
  • Make sure you have a strong presence in the market on both offline and online platforms.
  • Develop a user-friendly website and strong digital marketing team that takes care of your social media presence. 
  • Appearing on the top result listings increases the chances of new customers than any other marketing activity by taking help from healthcare consultancies.
  • Being specific about the messages in your promotions and stick to your strengths will yield the results. 
  • Make sure you maintain an engaging relationship with your followers on the social media platforms and conducts online live sessions with your doctors frequently.

4. Stay In Touch with Your Patient Base
  • Always stay in touch with your patient base through reminder messages, appointment alerts and by making them a part of health-oriented promotional activities.
  • Develop the strategies that increase your patient base as well as open doors for deeper relationships between the healthcare providers and the receivers.
  • Be in touch with the target audience by providing valuable information on your social media platforms and newsletters.

5. Be Socially Responsible
  • Contribute largely to the society by organizing health camps and other corporate social responsibility activities.
  • Know your local community's health needs and be the first reliable source for the public.
  • Adhere to the medical ethics and ensure your practice reciprocates as per the interests of the large community.

The cycle of patient acquisition starts with the exceptional patient care that is backed by creating trust and empathetic environment. The patient flow starts increasing when your services standout from the rest of the practices.

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