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Effective Parking Facility Management Tactics for Your Hospitals

The human mind has a unique nature that we remember the very first and last minutes of an experience, better than all of the action in between. This is the reason why every advertisement or marketing promotion starts with the brand name and ends with it.

Hospital brand building is no different in this aspect. The patient or the visitor’s first interaction with the hospital starts at the parking lot and ends right there. It is imperative for the healthcare management to focus and ensure to make the best first impression that is again repeated as last best impression through a hassle-free parking experience.

In fact, the patient or the visitor deserves an easy and speedy parking as medical urgency is an obvious ‘situation’ at healthcare facilities. Here are few tips that may help you in managing the parking facilities at your hospital that in turn flourish in better brand reputation.

Beds Size –
  • In general every hospital allocates sufficient room for parking which is in proportion to the bed size and the usual traffic of the hospital.
  • However, consider the futuristic goals of the hospital and decide the parking area allocation based on the future bed size.
  • In addition, considering the traffic that takes place during the most active hours of the hospitals.
  • Not just the space allocation but the effective parking management should also be in advance in order to cope with the futuristic parking needs of the hospital.

Number of Specialties –
  • The overall traffic in a hospital is purely driven by the number of specialties that it has.
  • Ensure your parking facility and its management system is capable enough to handle the traffic that may occur as a result of increased number of specialties in future.
  • If the hospital is unable to meet the parking requirements, consider a better mechanism for traffic management which is empowered by smart parking technology.

Special Mention to Emergency Parking –
  • As a hospital administration that puts its patient first, the least thing you would want is a vehicle that is blocking the emergency ambulance.
  • Give special attention to the emergency medical transportation management within the hospital premises.
  • If space permits, allocate a separate entrance and way that are dedicated to the emergency transportation.

Plan It Futuristic –
  • Parking Facility Management in Hospitals should be given a wider scope in the hospital planning right from the blueprints stage.
  • According to a reliable study, many of the brownfield projects, these days, facing parking issues and losing the hospital reputation at a sound level.
  • Make use of every square-foot of the location and use the advanced parking facility options that are enabled by the technology.
  • Making use of technology for resolving the parking challenges should particularly help the brownfield hospitals.

Location and the Increasing Population  –
  • Ensure the parking management mechanism in your hospital is in line with the increased population.
  • Another factor to be considered here is the urbanization rate of the locality where the hospital is situated.

Parking Facility for Staff  –
  • A dedicated parking space for the staff always helps your hospital function in a smooth way.
  • Segregation of the dedicated parking space is important and it avoid the confusion and unnecessary delay in parking for the doctors and paramedics who attend emergency cases.

Apart from that, employing the typical and visible parking signs allover the parking lot is the best practice and helps you in streamlining the whole parking mechanism of your hospital.

The increasing population and their health demands are one of the few major reasons for the vigorous healthcare growth in India. And, make sure your hospital is prepared to meet the demands in every aspect of patient care.

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